That Was The Deal With Nayanthara !

That Was The Deal With Nayanthara !

That Was The Deal With Nayanthara

Nayanthara troubled Babu Bangaram makers even before the movie went on floors. She has caused plentiful postponements and they have finally released the film without canning a song as Nayanthara didn’t give them call sheets to shoot this song.

The actress isn’t attending any of promotional events had skipped audio launch function too. Curiously, Venkatesh in an interview said that, Nayanathata accepted the film with a deal that she won’t attend any promotional events of the film. Then, what is the purpose in signing the actress, when she couldn’t even endorse her own film.

Nayanthara is doing this not just for Telugu films; she is skipping all the promotional events of her Tamil films too. If heroine won’t promote, this will badly affect the films.

Nayanthara is not getting many offers in Telugu, due to her disobliging behavior and huge demands in terms of remuneration. If Tamil stars also won’t consider her, then she may come down and accept to producers demands of allotting call sheets at required dates, lessening pay and more importantly promote films.