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Movie Details

Cast: Sumanth Ashwin,Kalakeya Prabhakar,Pooja Jhaveri,Nassar,Pavani Gangireddy,Vinodh etc

Direction: Manu

Banner: Sri Satya Entertainments

Producer: Vamsi Krishna

Music: JB

Release Date: Jun 10 2016 12:00 AM

Ravi (Sumanth Ashwin), a bus conductor aspires to become a police officer, works along with the bus driver Seshu (Kalakeya Prabhakar) in a remote area. Ravi falls in love with a local girl Kalyani (Pooja Jhaveri) who also accepts his proposal. Twist in the tale arrives when Ravi hits a guy while driving the bus. They request a jeep driver going on the way to drop the victim at hospital.

While searching the bag found at the accident spot, they realize that, the victim is none other than their neighbor Viswanadham Master’s (Nasser) son Deva who has come to the village to marry his childhood friend Amrutha (Pavani Gangireddy).

Police (Raja Ravindra) discovers Deva’s dead body in valley and they catch Ravi and Seshu as suspects after finding a bag at their house. Is Deva’s death a suicide or murder? If it was a murder, then who is behind it? To know answer for these questions you need to watch the movie on big screens.

Plus Points:

Short Run Time (2 Hrs Approx.)

Minus Points:

Almost All

Popular producer MS Raju’s son Sumanth Ashwin is trying different subjects to score a commercial hit. But, he is botching every time to make his mark in industry. The young hero has picked Malayalam film ‘Ordinary’ remake this time to test his luck. Baahubali fame Kalakeya Prabhakar has joined the unit as supporting artist.

Biggest gaffe committed by the makers is remaking a Malayalam movie. In fact, we have seen films with similar plot even in numerous Telugu films before. Moreover, screenplay is easily predictable.

Movie goes on at dead slow pace with mind-numbing sequences throughout. Sumanth and Prabhakar combination sequences are okay, but the director should have worked more to bring magical chemistry between them. Then, the romantic track is awful.

Audience wait for twist arrives during pre interval. But, the film’s pace becomes further slow here after, although there is space for the director to create some tension. There is not even a single episode where audience can sit tight on their seats. Twist is revealed all of the sudden and the story behind it is neither fresh nor leaves any impression.

JB’s work on songs and background is feeble. Cinematography by Shekar V Joseph is all right. SB Uddhav’s editing is weak. The best thing he could do is cutting the movie for 2 hrs. Production values are below average.

Artists Performance:

Sumanth Ashwin is okay as bus conductor. Neither the story gave him the space to perform, nor did he try anything hard to essay the role.

Kalakeya Prabhakar is good as bus driver. Good transformation from him after playing frightful role in Baahubali.

Pooja Jhaveri is ordinary- looks wise and performance wise. Vinodh of Nenu Siva fame tests patience with his over acting. Nassar, Pavani Gangireddy and other artists played their parts.

Box Office: Right Right which is remake of Malayalam hit film Ordinary is pretty ordinary, because of the weak story and predictable narration. The film hardly has any chances to perform at box office.

Verdict: Hold On!