Okka Ammayi Thappa Review

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Movie Details

Cast: Sundeep Kishan,Nithya Menen,Ravi Kishan,Ajay etc

Direction: Rajasimha Tadinada

Banner: Anji Reddy Productions

Producer: Anji Reddy

Music: Mickey J Meyer

Release Date: Jun 10 2016 12:00 AM

Krishna Vachan (Sundeep Kishna) is a happy go lucky guy with immense talent. When he is on his way to cross a flyover at city’s most trafficking area- Hitech City, the flyover is jammed due to a big accident. Incidentally, he meets his childhood sweetheart Mango (Nithya Menen).
When Krishna is having happiest moments, he gets a call from a terrorist leader Anwar (Ravi Kishan) and scenario will be changed completely from here on. Anwar frightens Krishna to slay his girlfriend if he won’t listen to his instructions.
Actually, 3 bombs have been installed on the flyover. The accident and the traffic jam are part of Anwar’s sketch. What is Anwar’s motive? Will Krishna save his girlfriend and others stuck in the flyover? - forms crux of the story.
Plus Points:
- Few Hilarious Dialogues
- Sundeep Kishan’s Performance
Minus Points:
- Water Thin Plot
- Immature Making
- Lengthy Run Time
- Flow Disturbing Comedy
- Loopholes In Script
Hero Sundeep Kishan announced to haven’t charge a penny, but taking share from profits. Actress Nithya Menen has also cut down her pay. This shows confidence over the project for the lead pair. Does this movie really has such potential content?
Movie starts with police arresting a most wanted terrorist Rahul Bose. Then, another terrorist Ravi Kishan comes in rescue of his boss and plans bomb blasting in the city. When a young terrorist who was appointed to blast the bombs is absconding owing to a good reason, Ravi Kishan blackmails a young man Sundeep Kishan in the flyover to kill his sweetheart Nithya Menen, if he will not follow his instructions.
The film’s plot has shades of critically acclaimed and commercially hit Hindi film “A Wednesday”, which was remade in Telugu as Eenadu. Director Rajasimha Tadinada apparently tried to make Okka Ammayi Thappa as commercial entertainer and included unnecessary elements.
Seems like, the director lacks clarity in what kind of film he was making. Comedy is always salable subject. But when it comes to thrillers, run time should be short and only light humor can be helpful. Inclusion of inapt comedy will disturb film’s flow. This is indeed one of major drawbacks of the film.
We must appreciate director for one reason. It needs guts to run the entire movie at one location. The idea was good, but not the execution. Few characters come in the middle attempting to provide wit.
Chota K Naidu’s cinematography is biggest asset, wherein Mickey J Meyer has provided a decent album and background score is arresting. Gautham Raju’s editing is pretty average. The shot cutting wasn’t sharp and he should have chopped off many boring sequences. Production values of Anji Reddy productions are grand, but they spent over budget, especially on VFX.
Artists Performance:
Sundeep Kishan has definitely given one of the finest performances. He was impressive in second half, particularly in pre climax portions.
Nithya Menen is looking heavy. The actress usually prefers performance oriented roles, whereas in this movie she didn’t get to showcase her acting skills.
Ravi Kishan is okay as terrorist who sketches the bomb blast. He was serious at times, but also provides some humor.
Comedians Saptagiri, Thagubothu Ramesh, 30 Years Prudhviraj and Ali were funny. But, these sequences turn speed breakers for the story. Other artists are okay.
Box Office: The makers have spent almost double the budget to Sundeep Kishan’s market value. Moreover, the movie is not so engaging to recover the heavy budget.
Verdict: Konni Scene Lu Thappa…