Memu Movie Review

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Movie Details

Cast: Suriya,Amala Paul,Ramdoss,Karthik Kumar,Vidya Pradeep,Bindu Madhavi,Nishesh,Vaishnavi etc

Direction: Pandiraj

Banner: Sai Manikanta Creations

Producer: Jukanti Madhusudan Reddy

Music: Arrol Corelli

Release Date: Jul 08 2016 12:00 AM

Two hyperactive children Navin (Nishesh) and Naina (Vaishnavi) of different parents are pushed out of many schools. This attitude of the children becomes bothersome for parents of both the kids. They regularly visit various doctors with a fear of psychological or some other problem for their children. The parents join their kids in a hostel of same school. Even this won’t work out, since the kids are kicked out of this school too.

Finally, the parents meet a child psychiatrist (Suriya) and his teacher wife (Amala Paul) living in the same apartment. He starts counseling not just the students, but the parents. In fact, he edifies the parents, more than the children and tries to change their mind set of troubling children for ranks and violating their right to freedom. How far the psychiatrist and the teacher’s training affected the lives of the parents and children is rest.

Plus Points:

- Narration

- Some Emotional Scenes

- Entertaining First Half

- Suriya, Amala Paul Cameos

Minus Points:

- Few Boring Scenes In Second Half

- Lack Of Commercial Elements


We might have seen children films with a message to parents. Although Memu is also made of similar kind of concept, it is somewhat different from them due to rightly blending of emotions and entertainment. This film is not just for children, it is must watch for parents too.

Memu is about two hyperactive children who couldn’t mingle with the current education system. They want some time for amusement and also to spend with their parents, wherein the parents are always busy with their personal works or may be with their personal time-passing things like watching TV, spending time with mobiles etc. Moreover, the parents force the children to focus on to become, what they couldn’t in their life.

In fact, many parents have pre-plans for what their children should become in future, when the kids are just about going to school. There are two types of bad parents in the society boldly speaking. 

Few feel like their kids are different from other children in their apartment or other neighbor locations who scores top marks in exams. The second kind praises their own children in front of parents of weak students for two reasons. One is to tell them that there kid is bright and other is getting pleasure in humiliating poor students.

In fact, this fear of doubting their children abilities for first kind starts with their neighbors of second kind puzzling about faults in their children.

Memu also question current education system and parents troubling their children for ranks. There is one dialogue in the film, “Teachers are preparing students for exams”, which it means educational institutions and parents are caring only about marks and ranks and they don’t mind about children personal interests.

Fact is every children behave same when they are kids and in immature stage. There is one scene where Suriya edifies parents saying, “Every child should have a problem, if not that is the real problem. And there is another scene which every parent should accept it. A mother asks her own mother, “What might be the problem for her daughter’s naughty behavior, then the age-old mother replies, “You were the same when you were kid and it is a common attitude in every child.”

Although director Pandiraj took the regular inter-school competition theme for climax, the message he conveyed in the end was convincing. “Participation itself means winning an award,” says the director.

Director Pandiraj should be appreciated for making a children film with a good message to parents. He rightly balanced entertainment and emotions. While first half was amusing with parents troubles in the process of getting seat for their children in top institutions and preparing the kids for ranks. Pandiraj focused on edifying parents with the psychiatrist character portrayed by Suriya and with the teacher role essayed by Amala Paul. In fact, the film’s scenario takes another turn after their entry. Arrol Corelli’s music is mediocre and cinematography by Balasubramaniem is decent. Production values of 2D Entertainment are fitting for a children film.

Artists Performance:

Suriya is one of the top stars in Tamil and Telugu. He kept his stardom aside to do a meaningful film. Apart from essaying a crucial role, he also produced the original version. Suriya made his presence felt with his performance as a psychiatrist.

Amala Paul appeared homely in traditional outfits like sarees. She will be given full marks for the bright smile on her face from start to end and for portraying the teacher role appropriately.

The two children Nishesh and Vaishnavi were impressive. And the parents’ roles essayed by Ramdoss, Vidya Pradeep, Karthik Kumar and Bindu Madhavi were good. Other artists were decent.

Box Office: Memu has chances to do well, but only proper promotions will help these kinds of films creating magic at box office.

Verdict: Manamantha Chudalsina Cinema