Kabali Review

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Movie Details

Cast: Rajinikanth,Winston Chao,Radhika Apte,Dhansika etc

Direction: Pa Ranjith

Banner: Shanmukha Films

Producer: Kalaipuli S Thanu, KP Chowdary and Praveen

Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Release Date: Jul 22 2016 12:00 AM

An old age Indian origin don Kabali (Rajinikanth) release from jail after ages causes gang wars in Malaysia, until then only one gang ruled the country with awful businesses like drugs supply using children, women trafficking, smuggling etc.
Actually, Kabali’s family along with many Indians migrates to Malaysia to work as labors in forms. Kabli fights for rights of his countrymen in Malaysia and he succeeds. But, this makes him enemies. A gang formed against Kabali looks for time to finish him. They attack him at a temple. Kabali’s wife Valli (Radhika) Valli who was pregnant then was shot and Kabali had been sent to jail.
Kabali gets to know that, his daughter Yogi (Dhansika) and wife Valli are alive. How he protects them and takes on his enemies forms the rest.
Plus Points:
- Plot
- Some Emotional Scenes
- Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte
Minus Points:
- Lethargic Screenplay
- Lack Of Commercial Elements
- Pa Ranjith’s feeble making
Rajinikanth, the name itself is enough for producers to spend any amount, buyers to risk at any level and movie buffs to book tickets for first day first show. Although Rajinikanth’s magic was missed in last few films, expectations reached sky high on Kabali after teaser release. Moreover, director Pa Ranjith promised of the movie going to be a feast for superstar fans, besides revealing plot of an Indian fighting against Malaysian corporate companies for their rights.
Rather focusing on comprising commercial ingredients, Ranjith focused mostly on showing all the artists at their stylish best. In fact, he made a commercial plot non-commercially by increasing emotional quotient. Although the drama and family emotions were heart-touching in second half, the unnecessary drama in first half makes you bore. The sequence where Radhika Apte glimpses Rajinikanth after ages is emotive.
Usually, we expect some commercial stuff like heroism elevation, hero-villain conflict, challenges, tit-for-tat sequences, drama, powerful dialogues etc. Except for drama, the film lacks almost everything.
Director Pa Ranjith who previously made two realistic drama films Attakathi and Madras might have forgot that, he was dealing one of the top stars in India for his film Kabali. He made this film too as realistic emotional drama. It would be fine, at least if had rightly dealt the drama. Nonetheless, he couldn’t balance things in first half. Rajinikanth’s journey to find his wife in second half tests our patience, although we forget everything after their amalgamation. Ranjith should at least have speeded up screenplay from here on, but he further spoiled the film with bad writing and making. Flashback episodes were also badly handled.
Music director Santhosh Narayanan was accolade for the theme song ‘Nippu Ra’ in teaser. For Rajini’s films hair-raising background score is expected and after listening to the theme track we conclude the film to have rocking RR. But, Santhosh failed to satisfy with slow RR throughout, maybe it was director’s idea.
G Murali’s cinematography wasn’t up to the mark. Praveen KL’s editing was mediocre. Production values are high in standards.
Artists Performance:
Rajinikanth excels in the title role of Kabali. Since, the film lacks in heroism elevation and other commercial aspects, Rajini hardly get to gratify his fans. But, it needs guts for accepting the film that is high on emotions. Rajini looked stylish in salt and pepper look with grown beard; he was not the same charismatic in some scenes with shaved beard.
Radhika Apte truly has given one of the finest performances. She makes you emotional in a sequence of her reuniting with Rajinikanth. Chemistry between the two was mature. 
Dhansika was cool as Rajinikanth’s daughter. Taiwanese actor Winston Chao Wen-hsuan was completely wasted for villain role. It would be good if there are any conflicting sequences between the protagonist and the antagonist. Dinesh Ravi was over-acting as Kabali’s assistant. Kishore and other artists were okay.
Box Office: Kabali hardly has pleasing moments for fans. The movie hardly has any chances to shine at box office. Our prediction is the movie is going to be a loss maker for buyers.
Verdict: Rajinikanth Ka ‘bali’.