Jakkanna Review

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Movie Details

Cast: Sunil,Mannara Chopra,Kabeer Duhan Singh,Sapthagiri etc

Direction: Vamsi Krishna Akella

Banner: RPA Creations

Producer: Sudharshan Reddy

Music: Dinesh

Release Date: Jul 29 2016 12:00 AM

Ganesh aka Jakkanna (Sunil) is a special person with special habit of going to any extent for helping those who helped him. He lands in Vizag searching for Bairagi (Kabeer Duhan Singh) because Bairagi saved Jakkanna life in childhood. Jakkanna joins as a peon at Kungfoo Pandoo (Sapthagiri) martial arts academy where he falls in love with Sahasra (Mannara Chopra). Meanwhile, Bairagi is shown as a dreaded don in Vizag who rules the port city without revealing his physical identity. Finally, Jakkanna meets Bairagi to know that Sahasra is his sister. Bairagi has deadly threats from rival gangs. Jakkanna saves Bairagi and also wins Sahasra.    

Plus Points:
- Sunil Comedy
- Sapthagiri Scenes
- Mannara Chopra glamour
- 30 years Pruthvi spoof
- Dialogues
- High production standards
Minus Points:
- Wafer thin story
- Weak direction
Sunil is a top comedian with unparallel timing of punches. His past few films fared badly. He took maximum care working on Jakkanna. The film is made on thin storyline of returning the favor characterization in protagonist Sunil. Vamsi Krishna Akella’s story is good. He prepared scenes and other characters to narrate the story entertainingly. Bhavani Prasad dialogues are hilarious and theaters resounded with laughs for Sapthagiri and Prudhvi dialogues. 
In fact, producer Sudharshan Reddy and director Akella worked very well in exploiting the best areas in Sunil. All the episodes written for Sunil are good. He is really back to entertain us. Apparently, audience who lost trust on Sunil’s comedy can safely watch the movie because he is not to disappoint you this time.

Ramprasad cinematography captured Dubai and other foreign locations beautifully for songs. Action scenes are also shot well. MR Varma’s editing is also good. Dinesh scored three high energy numbers and Sunil’s dances are thoroughly entertaining. Dinesh background score is also very good. Sudharshan Reddy’s production values are top notch. 
Artists Performance:
Sunil excelled in the title role of Jakkanna. The film lacked in heroism elevation and Sunil just went with entertaining comedy becoming the main commercial aspect. His comedy timing, dances, fights and romance were enticing. 
Mannara Chopra is buxim beauty and gave a liberal skin show. Chemistry between Sunil, Mannara was well worked. 

Sapthagiri as Martial Arts trainer got full length role. Using Bhale Bhale Magadivoy track on Sapthagiri is a big blast. Pruthvi evoked laughter by spoofing Balakrishna’s dialogue delivery. Kabeer Duhan Singh matched as Bairagi. Nagineedu, Chithram Sreenu, Roller Raghu, Sathya Prakash, Sathya, Raja Ravindra does well.
Box Office: Jakkanna can connect well with B and C centre audience for mass, loud laughing comedy. The film can perform well at box office if they begin to enjoy Sunil centric entertainment
Verdict: Sunil Is Back To Entertain