Babu Bangaram Review

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Movie Details

Cast: Venkatesh,Nayanthara,Sampath Raj,Murali Sharma,Posani Krishna Murali,Vennela Kishore,Prudhviraj,Brahmaji etc.

Direction: Maruthi

Banner: Sitara Entertainments

Producer: S. Naga Vamshi, P. D. V. Prasad and S. Radha Krishna

Music: Ghibran

Release Date: Aug 12 2016 12:00 AM

ACP Krishna (Venkatesh) is good at heart helps people around him. He falls flat for Shailaja (Nayanthara) who is in deep troubles. Shailaja’s father Shastri (Jayaprakash) is absconding in an alleged murder case. Rowdy-sheeter Mallesh (Sampath Raj) and MLA Pichaiah (Posani Krishna Murali) troubles Shailaja for her dad’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Krishna enters her life to solve all problems in her life. How he investigates the murder case and punishes the offenders is crux of the story.
Plus Points:
- Interesting Plot
- Gripping Narration
- Lead Actors Performance
- Maruthi’s Making
- Music
Minus Points:
- Camera Work
- Few Boring Scenes In Second Half
Victory Venkatesh took some break after Gopala Gopala waited for good script. He accepted Babu Bangaram since he was pleased with script narrated by director Maruthi whose last movie Bhale Bhale Magadivoy was a runaway hit. Expectations were quite high on the film and buzz had been hiked post release o0f audio and entertaining trailer. Let’s see how far Maruthi succeeded in reaching the high expectations.
Babu Bangaram is about a jovial police officer Venkatesh who gives helping hand for needy people. Maruthi penned this character quite entertainingly. In fact, this character has all shades and Venkatesh performed it with perfection.
The film hardly has any loopholes. While plot penned by Maruthi was interesting, engaging screenplay makes audience to sit tight on their seats. The film has entertainment in the form of 30 Years iNdustry Prithviraj, Vennela Kishore, Posani and Brahmaji.
Nannaku Prematho spoof done by Prithviraj is one of the major highlights of the film, apart from Nayanthara’s innocent performance, music director Ghibran’s superlative work on background score. 
Venkatesh and Nayanthara’s romantic track was fascinating. The way Venky chases the murder mystery was noteworthy.
Director Maruthi has once again proved that he is proficient in making hilarious entertainers.  Babu Bangaram also has some breathtaking action sequences which will surely please Venkatesh fans. Maruthi expertly dealt family emotions and drama. Dialogues are additional asset for the film. Although movie turns bit serious in second half, audience won’t get boredom due to appealing narration with a judicious blend of humor.
Richard Prasad’s camera work was top class, especially for action sequences and songs. Uddav’s editing was crisp. Ghibran has provided electrifying tunes and re-recording was captivating. There was plenty of pleasing moments for fans, whenever the Bobbili Raja theme was played as background for key sequences. Production values of Sitara Entertainments are top notch.
Artists Performance:
Venkatesh was seen in tedious roles in his last few films. Babu Bangaram shows him in exhilarating role as atypical police officer. Venkatesh appeared young in trendy outfits. He makes us laugh and emotional according to situations. Apparently, he worked hard on fights.
Nayanthara looked gorgeous in a struggling lady role. While she was traditional in the film, she looked glamorous in songs.
Prithviraj has such a wonderful sense of humor; his comic timing in the film is kickass. The parody of Nannaku Prematho was hilarious.
Jayaprakash, Murali Sharma, Posani, Vennela Kishore and Sampath Raj were good. Other artists played their parts.
Box Office: Babu Bangaram has all commercial aspects to do wonders at box office. There are many positives for the film to click. This is of a star hero film released after long gap. Venkatesh is presented in a way fans want to see him in. Director Maruthi made the film as wholesome entertainer. Above all, the film has reached all the expectations.
Verdict: Ee Cinema Bangaram